The days between Christmas and New Years are always a bit of a haze. The remnants of Christmas are still there, the delicious food slowly starts to get eaten and the days always seem to blur into one. The “official” year seems to end on Christmas Day. Work, schools, those last few projects and life in general seem to work towards Christmas and then, BAM, its boxing day and it’s all done. Life does go on as we all know and it is these days between Christmas and New Years that I feel are the best for reflecting.

The current year, is virtually done while the coming year is yet to begin. Therefore it is great to think about what has happened and start setting those ambitious goals for the next year. To me it is also a time to think about the small things and what really was important and I urge you to do the same.

Obviously we need those big goals to strive for get the best out of ourselves but, take the time to be grateful for all the good things that happened. Whether they were big or small, make a mental note about why it was good and the flow on effect before moving too quickly into the new year. Using myself as an example, I had a pretty big year. I moved countries, started a new job and had a few personal things to deal with. One small thing however, was a present I received from my boyfriend for Christmas, coconut bowls. These are simply bowls that have been shaped out of coconuts and make amazing photos. This one small gift made me so happy and made me realise it is really the small things that count and the ability to be grateful for the small things will help you lead a happier and more gratitude led life.

Be happy, be grateful and appreciate the small things. Happy Holidays x.