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Fatigue, Stress & Life

via Daily Prompt: Knackered Fatigue and stress are two things I deal with on at least a weekly basis and seeing this weeks daily prompt is "knackered" I thought I should have a first crack at responding. This is my... Continue Reading →

Ten Years On – my journey with scoliosis

Nearly ten years ago, I had a posterior spinal fusion for scoliosis. At the time of surgery, my curve was an impressive 83deg, my ribs dug into my hips when I sat down and my breathing was getting restricted due... Continue Reading →

Rediscovering Learning

As soon as we are born we start learning, a process that continues throughout our life. As children our lives are set up around learning; school, sports, music, art.. The list is endless. Finishing university for me, was like a... Continue Reading →

15 Days of Headspace

For the last year or so I have become increasingly interested in meditation, mindfulness & the ability to just be in the moment. As we continue to cram more into everyday, the notion of "being in the moment" continues to... Continue Reading →

March Already!

So at the beginning of the year I vowed to post a lot more regularly however this has not happened. The reason being, I am still trying to work out what to write about. Last year I worked hard getting my... Continue Reading →

How 2016 helped me tune into my body

2016 was a huge year for me in many different ways. Moving countries and changing careers taught me a lot about myself and my resilience towards change, it also forced me to dive deeper into my health, tune into my... Continue Reading →

My top 3 tips for starting the New Year right!

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry I have not managed to post anything until now but I have had family visiting and have had a great few days showing them around Sydney and hanging out with them. They left last night... Continue Reading →


The days between Christmas and New Years are always a bit of a haze. The remnants of Christmas are still there, the delicious food slowly starts to get eaten and the days always seem to blur into one. The "official"... Continue Reading →

Summer Smoothies

With the summer holidays having finally arrived, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share a few of my favourite smoothies. Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to get nutrients quickly and easily into your system. Here are... Continue Reading →

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