Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry I have not managed to post anything until now but I have had family visiting and have had a great few days showing them around Sydney and hanging out with them. They left last night and it’s back to work on Monday so now is the time to get my act together and get my eating and exercise back on track. It’s not that I have been eating badly but with holidays there are always lots of extra snacks, late night dinners and less exercise.

Instead of putting yourself under significant pressure to change overnight, ease into it and don’t stress out if you don’t exercise one day or find yourself having a treat. It is still the Summer Holiday season (well it is here in Australia) which means making the most of the long sunny days. Everything is about moderation and if you find yourself stressing about how you’re eating and exercising then you need to think about what will work best for you.

My boyfriend, for example is an exercise fanatic, he needs to do a good 1-2 hours of intense exercise a day otherwise he is not happy. He actually enjoys it (after been with him for 6 years, I still struggle to understand the extent of his passion) while as long as I do a good session, whether that’s a long walk or a shorter high intensity workout I am happy. On the other hand, he will happily eat a burger while I need my greens at most meals!

Here are my top 3 tips for kicking off the New Year feeling positive, healthy and happy:

  1. Work out what is important for you. Everyone is different and by giving yourself time to work out what you want will allow you to tailor your lifestyle towards that. Instead of kicking into that intense diet or committing to a month of boot camp ask yourself what you will get out of it and whether you can actually commit to it. There is no point starting something you wont finish because it will leave you feeling unhappy and demoralised.
  2. Focus on changing one thing at a time. Embarking on a new journey can be overwhelming, there can be so many things you want to change but don’t try to do everything at once. Choose something (eg. commit to 30min of exercise per day) and stick to it for a week before adding something else on. This way you are focussed and can really see the effects of that change which will further help you stay on track.
  3. Express your goals and worries with someone. Whether this is a friend, partner or family member, having a sound board is the best way to ensure you stick to those goals. By telling someone what you are planning on doing, you have made it “official”, it is no longer only an idea in your head.

Whatever your goals are for 2017, stay motivated, push through but also allow for set-backs or bad days. Good luck!