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Engagement Celebrations at the Tasting Shed

Continuing on with the wedding theme, I thought I would share the amazing lunch we had at the Tasting Shed in Auckland over the weekend to celebrate our engagement. My new fiancé and I both currently live in Sydney, after... Continue Reading →


The Unforeseen Challenge – Finding a wedding venue for less than 40 guests.

Planning a wedding is of course one of the most exciting times of a girl’s life. We dream about this day from an early age and these fantasies likely only get stronger when we find the man of our dreams.... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Scoliosis Complaints

Despite being incredibly thankful about how active my life is after everything I have been through, I still have my few pet peeves that I feel I have the right to moan about once in a while. I’m sure most... Continue Reading →

The Fear of what’s to come

Back when I was at school, I had my whole life planned out. I knew what I was going to study, what I was going to do when I finished and even the type of house I wanted, right down... Continue Reading →

What I miss most about summer

  After spending a month immersed in European Summer, coming back to the cold and wet of the Southern Hemisphere was not something I was particularly looking forward to. While warm weather is a definite plus, it is those long... Continue Reading →

Carrot Cake Porridge

My new favourite recipe book is the latest from Green Kitchen Stories  , "Green Kitchen at Home". If you have not heard of them you should definitely check out their website and social media sites; amazing and beautiful vegetarian food.... Continue Reading →

Relinquishing Control

The verb 'relinquish' is described in the dictionary as "voluntarily cease or claim; give up".  More commonly, I guess it is known as giving up something, turning something over to someone else or parting with something. I have recently just come back... Continue Reading →

My Scoliosis Journey Part 2 – The transition and learning to live with a curve spine.

Sorry, it has taken a while to post the next part of my journey but here it is finally! To see the first post in the series please see My Scoliosis Journey - Part 1. The first couple of years... Continue Reading →

Fatigue, Stress & Life

via Daily Prompt: Knackered Fatigue and stress are two things I deal with on at least a weekly basis and seeing this weeks daily prompt is "knackered" I thought I should have a first crack at responding. This is my... Continue Reading →

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