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The Fear of what’s to come

Back when I was at school, I had my whole life planned out. I knew what I was going to study, what I was going to do when I finished and even the type of house I wanted, right down... Continue Reading →

What I miss most about summer

  After spending a month immersed in European Summer, coming back to the cold and wet of the Southern Hemisphere was not something I was particularly looking forward to. While warm weather is a definite plus, it is those long... Continue Reading →

Carrot Cake Porridge

My new favourite recipe book is the latest from Green Kitchen Stories  , "Green Kitchen at Home". If you have not heard of them you should definitely check out their website and social media sites; amazing and beautiful vegetarian food.... Continue Reading →

Relinquishing Control

The verb 'relinquish' is described in the dictionary as "voluntarily cease or claim; give up".  More commonly, I guess it is known as giving up something, turning something over to someone else or parting with something. I have recently just come back... Continue Reading →

My Scoliosis Journey Part 2 – The transition and learning to live with a curve spine.

Sorry, it has taken a while to post the next part of my journey but here it is finally! To see the first post in the series please see My Scoliosis Journey - Part 1. The first couple of years... Continue Reading →

Fatigue, Stress & Life

via Daily Prompt: Knackered Fatigue and stress are two things I deal with on at least a weekly basis and seeing this weeks daily prompt is "knackered" I thought I should have a first crack at responding. This is my... Continue Reading →

My Scoliosis Journey part 1 – Diagnoses

My journey with scoliosis started just before I turned 11 just as my body began to change with adolescence. This is the typical onset of scoliosis in those suffering from adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Adolescent as the name suggests denotes the... Continue Reading →

Ten Years On – my journey with scoliosis

Nearly ten years ago, I had a posterior spinal fusion for scoliosis. At the time of surgery, my curve was an impressive 83deg, my ribs dug into my hips when I sat down and my breathing was getting restricted due... Continue Reading →

Rediscovering Learning

As soon as we are born we start learning, a process that continues throughout our life. As children our lives are set up around learning; school, sports, music, art.. The list is endless. Finishing university for me, was like a... Continue Reading →

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