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A Trip to Europe

It's on the post uni bucket list of nearly every New Zealander, travel to Europe. Spend some time working, become more cultured, spend all your money and come back home. That was always my plan, work for a couple of... Continue Reading →


What I miss most about summer

  After spending a month immersed in European Summer, coming back to the cold and wet of the Southern Hemisphere was not something I was particularly looking forward to. While warm weather is a definite plus, it is those long... Continue Reading →

Relinquishing Control

The verb 'relinquish' is described in the dictionary as "voluntarily cease or claim; give up".  More commonly, I guess it is known as giving up something, turning something over to someone else or parting with something. I have recently just come back... Continue Reading →

A long weekend in the Snowy Mountains

A couple of weeks ago our much anticipated long weekend finally arrived. Having moved to Sydney earlier this year, new jobs meant limited leave and limited holidays. Therefore we decided we may as well make the most of being in a new... Continue Reading →

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