Every new year, calls for new resolutions. Every year it’s the same, you sit down, write what you want to achieve, think about it for the next few weeks, maybe into Feb if you’re lucky and then you forget about them and life goes on as it always does. This year, my resolution is to commit to my resolutions! I’ve pinned them to my wall in my bedroom so I am constantly reminded of them and to keep me motivated. We’ll see in a few months how that is working.

On my actual resolutions, one of my main focuses this year is around learning more about sustainability and organics. My lifestyle has always been healthy and would eat more organic food if I could, but it is expensive so this year I want to explore it in more detail. I’ve also been getting a little bored around what I should be exploring in this space to further my knowledge in the wellness space.

What better way to start this off than by starting a worm farm? We set off last weekend and decided on the ‘Worm Cafe’ from Reln Garden. Before buying a bunch of worms, I thought it would be best to research it a little more before I get too far ahead of myself and end up killing the worms within the first week. My current gardening record is not amazing, so hopefully worms are easier to keep alive than plants and hence the reason for a little extra research. Using the trusty source that Google is, it seems to be pretty straight forward so later today I’m planning on heading out to get some worms and get started. So watch this space as our worm farm comes to life!

Here’s to a year of becoming more environmentally savvy!