A couple of weeks ago, I was down in Melbourne for the weekend. While the Sydney food scene is good, the Melbourne food scene is in a league of its own. Markets, cafes and restaurants all seem to be in competition to outdo each other offering not only unique takes on old classics but completely new dishes assembled from ingredients you would never believe could work so well together.

Making the most of a foodie weekend however requires careful planning. There are only so many meals in the day and so much appetite available. We spent Saturday exploring the local markets, starting in Prahran and slowly making our way over to Brunswick and Fitzroy. Walking around the markets and inhaling the sights, sounds and senses is almost as satisfying as eating something delicious. I could spend all day wandering around a good market, just looking at delicious foods gives me the utmost enjoyment. My fiancé however prefers to eat his food, not just inhale it so meal times are never too far around the corner.

While all our meals in Melbourne were amazing, one in particular stood out hence ensuring I gave it a dedicated blog post. We got up early on the Sunday morning, to maximise our time between breakfast and lunch; we needed to ensure there enough time between meals for at least some hunger to fit in. As someone who does get full relatively easily though, I was looking for something light and refreshing. I definitely got what I was looking for at the Industry Beans Café in Fitzroy with the Rosewater compressed watermelon served with a side of lemon myrtle panna cotta and wattleseed granola. This dish was refreshing, not to sweet and the flavour combination was to die for. It was also beautifully presented.

The crunch of the granola worked so well with the refreshing watermelon and the touch of sweetness from the panna cotta pulled everything together. The rosewater added a unique hint of flavour which made the dish all the more refreshing and the perfect start to a Spring morning. For anyone heading to Melbourne, I would highly recommend this dish and the rest of the menu also looked amazing. I will definitely be back.