So it’s been awhile since I posted last on here. I go through phases when I am really motivated and want to get stuff out but then I go through phases when I struggle to decide what to write. These are definitely one of those phases; I have so many idea’s in my head but don’t know what I want to do with them. I also tend to think too much and do too little. My best pieces of writing seem to happen when I don’t think too hard and just get something out, so this is what I am going to do until I decide what I really want to focus on because who know’s if that is really going to happen!

Today’s post, stems from having a few weeks home by myself while my fiancé was down in Melbourne for work.  My partner was down there for work for a couple of weeks so i ended up with a lot of spare time on my hands to reflect and think of what to fil the time with. The first week was great, I was super productive, making sure the house was tidy and not worrying about staying too late at work. However by the second week, the novelty had worn off and knew I would feel so much more fulfilled using that time for something more satisfying than watching TV. Not that I actually watch much TV (maybe 2-3 hours a week max), but I do feel I idle my way away in the evenings and weekends.

Although it’s nice to relax, I get a lot of satisfaction out of achieving things, researching things, sharing things and just getting more out of life. I’m sure most people do. So instead of thinking too much, I’m going to try really hard and commit to just doing a few things. Posting on here a couple of weeks and investigating a passion project I have been thinking about for nearly 3 years are definitely at the top of my list. I’m great at starting things, just not so good on the finishing them off. Over the last few years I have tried to learn Piano, become fluent in German (I studied at highschool so I do at least know the basics), thought about starting a succulent business (so far I am working on how not to kill my plants so not sure a plant business is the best thing) and a few other business ideas. This blog is at least one thing I have semi-committed to, I just need to stop trying to be so perfect and post more.

Life is to short to not do what makes you passionate. I know that, I just need to embrace it a little more and start practicing what I preach.