It’s on the post uni bucket list of nearly every New Zealander, travel to Europe. Spend some time working, become more cultured, spend all your money and come back home. That was always my plan, work for a couple of years post uni, save money then go work overseas for a couple of years. Like most plans however, that didn’t end up happening. I happened to meet the love of my life at uni, life happened and I suddenly didn’t want to spend all my money on a trip. My career was too important, my now fiancé was a bit older and had done the travelling thing earlier.

So instead of getting the typical work visa and working in the UK for a couple of years, we ended up buying a house and staying in NZ. Planning a trip there therefore became the next best thing. It took awhile in the making, first my dad was super sick and ended up passing away a couple of years ago, then I ended up going back to uni for some post-grad papers, followed by a job move to Australia. Finally at the beginning of this year we decided we could go! It was a trip I had been planning for a good few years so it wasn’t hard deciding where to go, it was however hard deciding what to fit in and what to leave for another time. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime and because of that I want to document what we did, so it’s written down forever and also share my favourite places and where I want to go back to.

In this post, I will just share a few highlights and over the next few weeks, go into detail about a few different experiences and my favourite places. Europe was actually so much better than I ever thought it would be, however my advice, if your life me and not into seeing what everyone wants to see, make sure you dedicate some time to get off the beaten tracks. Seeing the big ticket items are definitely a must, but don’t spend all your time there, there are so many more beautiful places to visit that are not over-run by tourists.

We started in London, mainly to see family and then headed straight to Paris to go to the French Open (Tennis). Paris was one of our favourite places, which really surprised us as the only reason we went was for the tennis. It was beautiful, the people were so nice and the food (and bread) was amazing! Flying straight to Berlin we stayed there for a few days before getting a train down to Prague and then onto Krakow (another of our favorites), Budapest, Athens (for one night) then Santorini. Santorini was stunning! New Zealand and Australia have amazing beaches and coast lines so we didn’t set our expectations too high, but it was amazing. The cliffs and coast line offered such a different view and we could have happily spent another week on the four nights we had there. We ended our trip driving from Munich to Frankfurt, spending a night in Wurzburg and one in Rothenburg ODT along the way. Stay tuned for more details in other posts and enjoy the photos below.