Planning a wedding is of course one of the most exciting times of a girl’s life. We dream about this day from an early age and these fantasies likely only get stronger when we find the man of our dreams. My partner proposed nearly 2 months ago in beautiful Santorini after finally deciding after seven years together he could probably put up with me for the rest of our lives. While he thought he was going to have a blissful few months (or years if he had his way) of living happily engaged without any worry about when the wedding might be, how wrong he was! I had been waiting for this moment for years and finally I had been given permission to officially plan for it. However for a slight control freak like myself, organising one of the most important days of my life results in some difficult and stressful decisions to be made.

One of these decisions is of course the venue. From the first day the taboo subject of weddings was raised a few years back, we agreed a destination wedding with just our closest friends and family would be the way to go. Both of us are quiet, definitely not partiers and don’t really drink. This conjures up a very different picture to what most would think a traditional wedding looks like. Therefore we want our wedding day to be intimately shared among just our closest family and friends, probably between 20-30 people and make it as stress-free as possible. Living in Sydney while the majority of our friends and family are back in New Zealand is another reason we want to make it small. Aside from the fact we don’t want a big traditional and stressful wedding, I also want to know that everyone I invite will most likely come so that I can plan the wedding without checking who may or may not be able to attend. This is probably more my OCD personality coming through than any other benefit.

Finding venues that cater for such small numbers however is proving difficult. Most have minimum numbers of 80, which is so much larger than what we would ever want. I have been scrolling the internet, talking to friends and contacting caterers, restaurants and other wedding vendors to help me with my search After narrowing down from the whole of Australia and New Zealand I have decided to start with the NSW region. I am starting my search for venues that are within 4 hours driving distance of Sydney, so if anyone has any great suggestions I would love to hear. Likewise I will be sharing my journey here as I know there must be others out there that want small weddings too. The plus side of focussing on NSW, it is the perfect excuse to explore a beautiful part of Australia and have some great weekends away. Stay tuned as I share my wedding adventures.