Despite being incredibly thankful about how active my life is after everything I have been through, I still have my few pet peeves that I feel I have the right to moan about once in a while. I’m sure most of you with scoliosis can probably relate to at least one.

1.Finding Clothes that fit:

Scoliosis and great fitting clothes are definitely not a match made in heaven. I am considerably straighter post-surgery however, my curves are still not quite in the right place and is something I probably still complain too much about, especially when I’m having a bad day.

2. Playing Sport:

My limited motion requires a few adaptations in the sporting world. Team sports are the worst, because my body is so rigid, I fall over with the smallest bumps and knocks. While in sports like tennis, or those that require lots of bending, I have learnt I actually need to move. Bending down to get to short balls or trying to do quick movements when your spine is stuck in one place really doesn’t work.

3. Riding a bike:

Like the resulting limitations I described with sport, the same applies for riding a bike. My super straight back means my balance is considerably worse than someone with a spine that actually moves. It’s amazing how much you rely on your back for balance and re-adjustment. It’s not until you lost the movement that you realise just how much you relied on it. In saying that however, I did a 40km mountain bike last weekend without falling off. A big win in my eyes as all my other mountain biking experiences have resulted in at least one fall during the ride.

4. Finding a comfortable chair.

Chairs are meant for people with normal shaped backs, contoured chairs are the worst. Enough said.

5. Reading on my stomach.

This is probably my number one biggest pet hate about having had spinal fusion. I loved lying on my stomach pre-surgery. I read on my stomach, slept on my stomach and even did much of my homework and studying lying  on my stomach. Although I have persisted with this position post-surgery, it really is not the same. I have learnt to adapt and use pillows to help make it more comfortable, it just isn’t the same.