After spending a month immersed in European Summer, coming back to the cold and wet of the Southern Hemisphere was not something I was particularly looking forward to. While warm weather is a definite plus, it is those long days that I miss the most. Those extra few hours make each day seem so much longer and actually invite post 5pm activities. In Europe we were not even considering going out to get dinner until after 8pm. Fast forward to post holiday days, walking out of work at 5:30pm where darkness is already imminent; the day feels like it’s over before the evening has even begun.

As a kid, I loved when daylight saving finished and darkness arrived before 6pm. It gave you permission to change into your PJs as soon as you walked through the door. Reflecting back on this however, school finished at 3 and before going home there was always some form of after school activity or just the chance to be outside until it was dark. Come home-time, dinner was ready and waiting and there were none of those obligatory adult tasks which seem to fill out so much of the day without you even realising. There was little else to do than cuddle up on the coach with a blanket and watch TV which is a little different to my current adult life.

Winter however does come around each year and we don’t really have a choice about the number of daylight hours it brings. Luckily for me, living in Sydney now at least means less rain and more sunshine. This makes getting outside during the weekends and in the mornings before work much easier and it seems to be making a real difference. Although psyching myself up for a morning run in the freezing cold is sometimes a little challenging the end result is worth it. The crisp but sunny winter days also make the perfect conditions to get out and explore the many national parks and walks in and around Sydney. We have managed to visit a different park every weekend since we have been back and I have to admit, inter is really not that bad.