via Daily Prompt: Knackered

Fatigue and stress are two things I deal with on at least a weekly basis and seeing this weeks daily prompt is “knackered” I thought I should have a first crack at responding. This is my first response to one of the daily prompts, however it is something I want to do more of in the future to improve my writing and get more visibility of my posts. Participating in tasks like this also force me to look at others work, exposing me to fantastic work and learning’s I can apply to my own work.

Knackered to me is the feeling of utter exhaustion and is a combination of physical and mental factors which come together and arise as life unfolds. Since the age of about 16 ( I have now just turned 27), this feeling has come and gone through my life. I might go a few weeks feeling fine and then, bang, it hits full force for no apparent reason. Last week, was one such week where that utter exhaustion hit and left me feeling absolutely knackered.

I put this particular episode down to relaxing from a period of high stress and anxiety.  Like these periods of exhaustion, anxiety is also something that seems to rise and fall in my life. I have recently been making more of an effort to get my anxiety under control as I know it is not helpful and worrying about something definitely does not help the situation at all. Becoming more mindful of when my anxiety hits and how I am feeling before, after and during is something I am working on and would love to hear from anyone whether they feel heightened fatigue after a period of anxiety. When I am anxious, my adrenaline races through my body and actually reduces my overall fatigue however as soon as I relax and work my way through it, the fatigue comes back in full force and knocks me out for a good few days.

Personally for me, been knackered is more often due to mental factors than the physical ones however there are definitely days when I have exercised to exhaustion which also results in a similar feeling. However, I think both types of exhaustion do differ based on the root cause (physical vs. mental). As I move through life and became more conscious of the factors influencing my health, I hope I get closer to not just understanding what is happening but how to overcome the feelings and work through them. It might sound a little airy-fairy but unless I have those goals in the back of my mind I feel I will never be able to work past these periods of fatigue. I know life is different for everyone but those suffering from fatigue and exhaustion, I do feel your pain and would love to connect with anyone for tips, learning’s and just genuine sharing.

Jay x