Nearly ten years ago, I had a posterior spinal fusion for scoliosis. At the time of surgery, my curve was an impressive 83deg, my ribs dug into my hips when I sat down and my breathing was getting restricted due to the severity of the curve. Spinal Fusion surgery is recommended for scoliosis curves greater than 40deg; hence my curve was pretty severe by the time I got surgery. There were a number of reasons why my curve was so bad by the time I had surgery however I don’t regret waiting until what was definitely the right time for me.

Over the next few weeks, I want to share my scoliosis journey and what I have learnt and gained from the experience. I am now 26 and this journey has definitely shaped the person I am today. While sometimes I do wish that I was just like everyone else, I for the most part am happy with the way scoliosis has shaped me and my life. For anyone going through this journey, good luck! I know everyone’s experience is different but been positive and been grateful for what you do have is always important.

be-happybefore and after