As soon as we are born we start learning, a process that continues throughout our life. As children our lives are set up around learning; school, sports, music, art.. The list is endless. Finishing university for me, was like a new found freedom. While I was learning at work, it was different. I was actually doing tasks and applying that information in useful ways, not just rote learning information to regurgitate upon request.

I must confess however, I am a bit of a geek and love learning. If I didn’t need money, I would happily go back to uni and study whatever my heart desires. My issue on this though is that I try to learn too many things at once and also have quite limited patience. I always want to be 10 steps ahead of where I am. Because I am a little bit of a perfectionist, I struggle with doing things I have never done before. Who doesn’t want to be immediately good at everything they do?

Learning the piano is the stand-out for me that has lay dormant in the ‘too hard’ basket over the last 4-5 years. My passion is there however my lack of musical learning in childhood means I am literally starting from scratch. Recently, which I think I mentioned in my last post I have started reading a book about neuroplasticity and the brains ability to heal itself. This book has given me a new found motivation to stick with new hobbies as it has reminded me how much we rely on our subconscious brain (i.e. the things we don’t need to think about) and the effort involved in learning something new. The moral of the story, you actually need to practice to become not only perfect but also competent. Unless you have some unnaturally weird talent (unfortunately I do not seem to have this), we have to teach our brains and re-wire them to be able to competently perform any task.

This is a short but sweet article to remind ourselves that, work is generally involved to actually be able to do something. Once we are adults we have a baseline for many things, meaning the learning doesn’t always feel so difficult and when we do learn something completely new it feels foreign and oh so difficult! Push past this frustration, it will get better and you will learn. Look out for my upcoming post on my tips for learning a new skill.