Recently, I have been a bit lax with my posts. To be fair, work has been crazy the last month or so with long nights and lots of travel. It is also summer, so it seems like such a waste of a beautiful day to come back from work and spend more time on my computer. However I am really looking forward to getting stuck into it properly over the next few months and coming year.

This post is primarily about setting my own blogging and a few lifestyle goals for 2017 with the hope that it will help me commit and work towards them. I started this blog back in June this year because I love writing and while I do love my work I am always looking for that next opportunity or chance to learn something new or take me on my next journey. I really do believe that life is what you make it. Unless you try new things, get outside your comfort zone and also look up and observe what is going on around you it is too easy to get stuck in one place and emerge years later wondering why you’re still doing the same old thing. This blog was created for me to share my own experiences, particularly around health and food and also to connect with like-minded people. It is also an opportunity to improve my writing and build up to some form of professional writing with the ultimate goal of fulfilling a child-hood dream of getting something published.


Starting positively, here is what I am most proud of in 2016:

  1. Making a career change and working through the challenges of a completely new job. I think we all underestimate the extent of our knowledge in a particular area or job and it is not until you move into something different do you realise how much you don’t know. While changing from a technical/scientific based role into marketing has been challenging I know I have made the right decision and can’t wait to get stuck into next year.
  2. Moving countries
  3. Starting this blog! I have always loved writing but because of the subjects I studied at both school and uni and roles within the scientific realm, my direct exposure to the type of writing I love was always been quite limited. I decided this year to stop making excuses and start something myself. It is hard for me to share my writing with others to read but the more I do it, the more confident I know will become.
  4. Making huge milestones with my health, particularly relating to joint pain/general pain and headaches. After an elimination diet earlier this year, I discovered dairy was playing a significant role in this pain. 4 months later and still dairy free, I am actually a different person!

Now moving onto my goals for 2017 (primarily blog focussed):

  1. Making time to research and write posts each weeks. By incorporating a short weekly planning session and a longer monthly one, I should have no excuses and by planning ahead I will have a better idea of my time I can commit each week. I am forever making notes and finding inspiration, I just struggle to make time of converting these into published content.
  2. Publishing a minimum of 1 blog post per week.
  3. Getting my health into an even better space and sharing my achievements with others while simultaneously connecting with others who have had similar experiences.
  4. Sharing my own experiences and meeting more people with scoliosis and the role it has played in their life.
  5. Focussing on some key topics to ensure I know what is in-scope for my blog:
    1. Diets and lifestyle factors relating to improvement of chronic pain
    2. Influence of diet and lifestyle on scoliosis
    3. Dairy free living and the associated benefits
    4. Anti-inflammatory diets and ingredients
    5. All things turmeric.
    6. Healing your body through food.
    7. Café experiences
    8. Recipe development and experimentation
    9. Travel and its role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    10. Personality traits – particularly introversion and perfectionism.
    11. Exercise types and the different roles they can play

I have a lot of plans for next year and want to put significant focus into building my blog next year. I am really excited and would be keen to hear tips from anyone on how to keep blogging consistently while keeping it interesting!

Jay x