As obesity and chronic diseases rise the questions not far from everyone’s lips these days seem to revolve around how to lose weight, how to exercise more and how to be healthier. I know there are definitely a few people out there that really do not care but most people (I like to believe) are at least trying to be healthier in some way or another. The issue that most people seem to face however is staying on track. Many seem to have an all or nothing approach or go for a few weeks and then slip back into their old habits. As someone who feels like health is part of their lifestyle, not something just done during the week or as part of a new years resolution I would love to find ways to help inspire others to also embrace this lifestyle.

This blog is definitely the start of trying to find my own way of inspiring others however this is dependent on me getting my blog posts and followers up. As a new blogger I would love any feedback on the types of topics that anyone may see as relevant for such purposes. What is it that motivates people to embark on a journey to wellness? For me dealing with chronic disease for the majority of my life (both through my own scoliosis and my dad suffering cancer) has made a huge impact in how I live my life.

On a side note to this, which in fact kicked me into action to ask the question around blog topics, I am doing a project at work addressing this very issue. This project is being conducted through a course to improve your ability to both come up with innovative ideas and how to turn them into action using design led thinking and consumer centric problem solving. The problem I have chosen to come up with solutions for is “How may we inspire and motivate people to both adopt and adhere to a healthier lifestyle”. In addition to the blog topic ideas I would love any ideas on how to attack this from apps,  food products, ingredients, types of foods/drinks that can be sold in particular places, government/big company requirements or even little self-help habits you might adhere to yourself. Any help would be amazing!