Two weeks into my elimination diet, I don’t necessarily feel more energetic but my stomach is flatter, my skin is clearer and best of all I am still free of headaches. To me this suggests something is working. 2-3 weeks is probably the longest I have gone without a headache for as long as I can remember hence I am feeling pretty good! Although I am not going to celebrate too soon, I am quietly hopeful. Cutting out dairy, grains, eggs, chicken, alcohol and additives for 2 weeks was actually easier than I anticipated. In fact completely eliminating was easier than trying to decide whether I have just a small amount.

For anyone suffering from long term health issues I would highly recommend giving it a try. It also gives me the confidence that maybe I can help combat my other ailments as well – primarily bouts of chronic fatigue which seem to come and go. My mantra is always one thing at a time. Trying to fix too many things at once becomes too hard and frustrating which leads to failure. Focusing on one issue at time gives you a purpose and stops that overwhelming feeling when you try to do too many things at once.

Reading up on elimination diets and detoxes might be a bit off-putting. Common symptoms include headaches, fatigue, feeling physically ill and more but this is case dependent and I didn’t really feel drastically different. My biggest issue was actually a rise in anxiety which upon reading various articles on the topic is quite common as the toxins leave your system. I was also a bit grumpier than normal and a 4km run (normally very easy for me) totally killed me and I ended up having a 2 hour nap that afternoon! Despite these risks you do come out the other side and life does go on. My other biggest problem was eating out; it is actually surprising how my dishes comprise at least one of the eliminated components. But again life does go on and it taught me to get creative; ordering sides as mains and just being a little more mindful on what I was consuming.

All in all the process is going well so far. I have added eggs and coffee back in as of Saturday and still feeling fine. The success I had on such a clean diet however has shown me I can survive on veges and meat essentially.. It has given me the motivation to stick to the diet as closely as possible and the foods I introduce back in over the next few weeks will be added carefully to ensure I keep the “clean-eating” mind-set and consume foods that are going to nourish me instead of eating something for the sake of it. Doing something which makes you feel better really does put your life back in perspective and reminded me that a little bit of willpower is sometimes the best remedy. Despite looking forward to a little more variety in my food, being clear of headaches is pretty nice. After suffering from them for so long I am definitely willing to make a few sacrifices to get back on track. Finding my “pain-free” place is definitely my focus at the moment.