Hi, as a young health enthusiast I have decided to start documenting my wellness journey with the hope of connecting with some like-minded individuals. I have dedicated this year to getting my health back on track and as I have a love for writing and sharing my background with others I decided there was no better time that now to start a blog. So here it is… Please bear with me as I try to work out this blogging thing and actually work out what I want to say/share. As someone who has the computer skills of someone who lived in the previous century I will be impressed if I actually manage to get something which others can physically find. However, if I do manage to get to a point that, firstly makes it to a place on the web where one can actually access and secondly, actually contains content that people will want to read I will be pretty happy with myself.

As this is my first post and I don’t want to bore anyone to death, I want to give enough background to the blog without boring anyone to death. As I work out what I am doing and get the blog structured better my plan is to build up content around natural health therapies, fitness and of course food. These are all huge passions for me and would love to start linking in with people who feel the same way!

So, I guess the first question to answer is why would I start a blog on health and wellness? I know how saturated this area has become: there’s a new blogger every week, another amazing instagram feed, a new buzz word or the latest fitness regime which will allow you to lose those last few kg’s. I know all this because I am not going to pretend I above such things; in fact I think its great that so many people want to get on board the health train and a little motivation never hurt anyway. As much as I get sucked into exciting and glamorous trends, I do have an ulterior motive for optimising my health and my journey to get where I am now has not been easy. With this blog however, I want to inspire others to take a leap of faith and recognise that you and only you have the power to take control and do something about it. Hence the name “Ticket to Wellness. By sharing my journey, my aim is to convince others that wellness is achievable for everyone, it might just have a different meaning from one person to another. As I continue to share posts through this blog, I hope I can show what I mean by this.

So, I guess I should finally get to me and where I have come from. Although, I have a pretty long rambling journey with a tonne of off-roads I want to focus briefly on just one part of this journey and even then I don’t want to add in much detail. If I manage to successfully post this, maybe that can be my next post! So what is the one thing? Scoliosis! Scoliosis, for those who do not know is an abnormal side-ways curvature of the spine. I don’t want to go into the technicalities of scoliosis (again I will put this into another post) but in terms of scoliosis severity, mine was pretty bad and resulted in the need for some pretty major surgery known as a spinal fusion (see picture below). It was though this journey that I realised that some things you can control, some things you can’t control and that life does sometimes throw you a curve ball. Although I have always been pretty health conscious, having major surgery changed my life.


before and after

A spinal fusion literally fuses your spine together. This means you cant bend the part of your spine which is fused (which for me is the majority of my back) and consequently the unfused area’s (for me it is my neck and lower back) have to take all the load. It was not until after surgery that I realised how much you move/use your back and its connectivity to the rest of your body. Spinal surgery is hard, recovery is harder and it definitely taught me a few good life lessons.

Thinking I could waltz back into normal life, it took me a good few years to accept my body had been through a lot and that it was not going to be as simple as picking up where I left off. This point of acceptance was the key to my recovery and my ability to reach the point I am at today. By accepting I have limitations, while acknowledging I can work within those limitations was empowering. In fact, I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been and through this blog I want to inspire others to find this empowerment too. Although it is easier said than done, the best “person” to compete against is yourself. Only you can truly compare how far you have come. Compete against others of course (I personally can’t help it being an incredibly competitive person) but when it comes down to it acknowledge your wins and how far you have personally come!

So please, follow me on my personal journey and remember that the best way to embrace wellness is to acknowledge your situation and take your own path on how to get there.

Jay x